The Benefit Of Hearing God’s Voice

Recently, we played the Voice Game at Gateway. A crowd of adults gathered, chose a team member and were both blindfolded and moved to various places in the auditorium. The goal was to speak loud and clear over all the other voices to find your partner. With all the shouting and being blindfolded it wasn’t as easy as you might think – you really had to concentrate, filter out the other voices, know the voice of your partner and follow the voice in the dark and confusion when you heard it. But the benefit was “connection”! The blindfold was taken off and communication was unrestricted.

Proverbs 8 describes God calling out to us as wisdom for living, raising His voice over the multitude of voices assaulting our ears. Read verses 1-11 and see how critical it is to listen and live! After reading, ask yourself, “Am I seeking and hearing God’s voice of wisdom in my life today? Does God have my ear? Am I willing to take the earplugs out?”

Wise or otherwise? These are the only two choices there are! Here’s a pearl of truth: God and His wisdom in Christ are the only real, positive, lasting, beneficial choices you have in this life. Think hard, think long, think realistically, think spiritually, think experientially, think universally, think personally, think futuristically about this truth – it could transform your life.

In Christ, Chuck Brannon, Pastor

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