Greetings in Christ’s name, fellow flippers, floppers and frustrates. We know who we are today – and good news is coming. Our fix-it for flippin’ in Philippians is chapter 1, verse 2: “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Here’s what we who sometimes get to flippin’ need to know:

First, God is gracious and He cares. Grace is God’s unexpected, undeserved and unequalled favor. God is grace! God is love! God is generous with His grace. Go to God right now and seriously pray for grace/power/favor in your situation, relationship, mess, problem, quandry or setback – or unexpected success that’s flipped you. Ask in faith and mean it. Pray to God and He will answer your sincere, personal plea.

Second, God sends peace when the pieces start flyin’. Peace is POWER from God to keep your sanity, your balance, your hope and your soul in the vicissitudes (look it up?) of life. God is your peace – get a grip on this truth by faith – and experience the power and benefits of peace in your mind, emotions and body.

Finally, God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ are your fountain of grace and peace. This is not psychiatry – this is theology in the form of a real grace/peace relationship with God through His Son. Start reading the four short chapters of Philippians today – you’ll flip – I mean you won’t flip. As soon as you show your faith/trust, God and His grace will fill you and His peace will empower you. It will happen.

Grace and Peace in His name, Chuck

P.S.: I have a “peace plan” pamphlet if you’d like one. Let me hear from you.