Welcome once again, we’re moving ahead on God’s highway, fueled by His alphabet of Christianity from the Bible. Today’s letter is R for REALITY.

What is reality? Our dictionaries define real as “something that exists, that’s not artificial.” Reality is defined as “someone or something that is real or exists, the true or actual nature of something.” To realize? It means “to be aware of the truth.” When we use really in conversation it simply means we’re speaking reality.

In reality, what God says is real is what reality really is! One great thinker called it “true truth”. God speaks what is real, true, actual, authentic, legitimate, verifiable, bonafide, valid and genuine. There’s no fakery, falseness, counterfeiting or fraudulent thought, word or deed in God!

YET, there are many, many unreal, false, counterfeit and fraudulent ideas, words and thoughts trying to hijack the truth about God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Jesus, Himself, warned of false prophets and false messiahs. Apostle Paul stated that Satan often masquerades as an “angel of light” to decieve. In fact, deception is Satan’s #1 power tool in the world today. As he deceived in the Garden Of Eden, so he deceives today. But he can’t change the truth – nor defeat it. He’s a defeated liar to be slain by reality.

We expose a counterfeit bill by placing it beside a real one. The same is true in the spiritual world. For example, Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life”; Satan is “the father of all lies and liars”. It’s necessary to make a reality check about the identity, reality and nature of Jesus Christ to expose deception and express reality. But how? When the Bible speaks, God speaks – this is how God reveals reality to us. For example, here’s a powerful phrase from Scripture regarding Christ: “… the reality, however, is found in Christ.” What’s this all about? I have a “reality-check challenge” for you. I hope you take it. It’s a way to protect yourself against bogus spirituality. Read Colossians 2:1-23 in the New Testament to discover the “real deal” about Jesus Christ. Pray to God for His Spirit to “guide you into all truth”. Put fraudulent lies away from you and focus on the reality of Christ’s transforming life.

Remember, if what you have heard, know, think or feel about God is not real, it’s not worth having. In fact, it’s destructive. You can’t build your life on personal illusions, fake philosophies or self-serving street life. As Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) Refuse to live in the bubble of the UNREAL. Build you life on the one and only indestructible foundation of reality in God, His Son Jesus and His reality worker, the Holy Spirit.

Keep it real, Chuck