Welcome! We’re on the move again. Making progress using God’s alphabet of Christian living as found or illustrated in the Bible.

Today’s letter is “X”. X often stands for the “unknown factor”. Many times the “X factor”, when discovered, is the key to success or breakthrough. This is the case when the Apostle Paul visited Athens. According to Acts 17, Paul was distressed as he saw the city full of idols. One altar, among many to various gods, was even inscribed to the “Unknown God” – the “X factor” of religion. Paul then stood up, saying, “Men of Athens…” and began to passionately affirm the identity and attributes of the “Unknown God”. Millions today have an “X factor religion” – wanting to know but not knowing who God is. This is why the gospel is “good news”. Let’s see how Paul responded to the “X factor”. Read this fascinating account in Acts 17 in the New Testament of the Bible as Paul tells how anyone can “know the Unknown God”. How did Paul describe Him?

> As Creator of the world and everything in it. Amazingly, many have built an altar to the unknown, unexplainable and unreasonable god of evolution to explain our existence. Paul says that we can know our Maker, our genetic maker, our divine designer – He gives all men “life and breath and everything else.”

> As global, universal God, yet personal God! He determines time, space and energy. Pinpointing the source of all nations as “one man” (speaking of Adam) from whom “every nation of men” should inhabit “the whole earth”. He determined “the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.”

To conclude my article today, I’m purposely leaving it un-concluded. Why? To ask you to take your Bible and turn to Acts 17:16-34 and read. Ask God to enlighten you. When finished, you will have found the “X”! But this time it’s the “X” that marks the spot where the “treasure of all life for all time for all people” is buried. But you must dig for it yourself – and take Him as your treasure. You can know the “unknown God” through the “man He has appointed.” Read and live!

To know Him is life. Chuck

P.S.: Got any “X factor” stories to share? Let me hear from you.